What Is Boxing

Boxing is a professional sport that requires a high level of strength, speed, agility, hand-eye coordination and endurance. Our Cartel Boxing program teaches students the true technical aspects of Boxing which develops these skills while providing a high intensity, stress relieving workout.

Our boxers work on a range of drills and skills every week such as footwork, defence, counter striking and ringcraft. We use boxing bags, focus mitts and partner drills in our sessions and all our training is designed to give students the skills and understanding of how to compete, WITHOUT ever having to. It simply puts a purpose to the training and can be measured by our optional in-house sparring as part of the program.

Who Is Boxing For?

Cartel Boxing is open to students 16 years and older, men, women and all fitness levels. Run by registered Boxing Victoria Coaches we can cater to all levels of experience and ensure you get the most out of your training through our fun, friendly delivery.

New to Boxing? Enrol in our 4 Week Boxing Bootcamp today and see what it’s all about. We’ll teach you the fundamentals of boxing through our semi private coaching and we’ll give you the basic skills and confidence to help you get started and really get the most out of your Boxing training.

WARNING: This is not boxercise, boxfit or other fluffy style of boxing training. This is designed for everyday people who want to learn real technique and proper drills to trainn and strong without ever having to get in the ring.


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