How To Eat And Drink Without Sacrificing Your Health And Fitness Goals

Hitting the Right Balance

We all know the holiday season brings about work parties, family get to togethers and other events that include indulgent foods, and usually plenty of alcohol. But is it possible to get through the festive season without ruining all your hard work in the gym? Absolutely! It’s all about making smart choices and not depriving yourself of the joy that food brings during such special times. Consuming alcohol in moderation can be a part of a healthy lifestyle. However, excessive alcohol can lead to weight gain and can hamper your fitness progress. It’s crucial to keep these facts in mind as you enjoy the holiday festivities. Checkout our guide on how to enjoy Holiday Food and Drinks without sacrificing your Health and Fitness Goals..

Start with a Healthy Breakfast

A healthy breakfast is the best way to start your day. It sets the tone for your eating habits throughout the day. This will kick-start your metabolism, helping you burn calories throughout the day and will boost your energy and provide your body with much needed nutrients.

Choose Wisely

If you’re planning to hit the restaurants, the secret to eating out without compromising your health and fitness goals lies in selecting restaurants that offer wholesome and balanced meal options. In most restaurants you will find healthy options. Consider swapping out the chips for vegies, choose lean meat and green options, and minimise heavy carb and sugary meals like creamy pastas.

If you’re having going to have a drink, remember the caloric impact of alcohol. Not all drinks have the same effect on your weight. The type and quantity of alcohol you consume can significantly influence your caloric intake. For example, a glass of wine has fewer calories than a pint of beer or a sugary cocktail.

Try to eat before or during alcohol consumption as a full belly will slow down the speed of alcohol consumption avoiding getting drunk, which could lead to less than ideal food choices compounding the damage.

Dealing with Temptation

How can you resist the temptation of indulgent holiday foods and drinking too much and too frequently? By developing a strategy to manage your cravings, you can enjoy your favourite holiday foods without going overboard. Set yourself some limits and stick to it.

If drinking, avoid “shouts”, don’t ‘top up’ before you’ve finished a drink, and always drink at your own pace. Stay away from salty snacks too, as these will just make your more thirsty leading to drinking more than you need.

Portion Control is Key

How can you enjoy your favourite dishes without overeating? Portion control is the answer. By being mindful of your serving sizes, you can savour your favourite holiday foods without feeling guilty. Eat until your satiated, not bursting at the brim, or finishng a dish just because it it’s there.

The same goes for alcohol. Consuming alcohol in moderation can help you maintain your fitness goals. Try to stick to one or two drinks and avoid top-ups and look for lower carb lower sugar options to keep your calorie intake in check.

Stay Hydrated

Why is hydration important during the holidays? Keeping yourself hydrated not only helps you control your appetite, but also ensures you stay energised and refreshed throughout the holiday festivities.

Did you know alcohol is a diuretic? That means you will be heading to the toilet more often when you’re drinking which can dehydrate you quickly. These two factors contribute to what you may have already experienced…. The dreaded hangover. Thirst, fatigue, headaches, none of it is fun. The solution is staying hydrated. If you don’t want those yuky feelings, try to have a glass of water between each alcoholic drink to balance it out, and one before bed will help too.

Staying Active

Can you maintain a fitness routine while enjoying the holiday season? Definitely! Incorporating physical activities into your holiday schedule can help you counterbalance the extra calories consumed during holiday feasts.

Plan Fitness Activities

How can you incorporate fitness into your holiday schedule? Plan activities that promote physical movement. It could be a family game of cricket, a walk in the park, or even a dance-off!

Take Advantage of Outdoor Activities

What’s a fun way to stay active during the holidays? Outdoor activities are a great way to enjoy the holiday season while staying active. Think beach volleyball, hiking, or cycling.


Are you ready to enjoy your holiday meals and a few drinks without compromising your health and fitness goals? With these tips and strategies, you can maintain a balanced lifestyle and enjoy Holiday Food and Drinks without sacrificing your Health and Fitness Goals! Remember, it’s all about making smart choices and enjoying the festive season without feeling guilty. Happy holidays!

FAQs About Eating Out in the Holidays

Q: Can I enjoy holiday foods without ruining my diet?

A: Yes, you can. It’s all about portion control and making smart food choices. Remember, it’s okay to indulge a little during the holidays!

Q: How can I prevent overeating during holiday meals?

A: Start with smaller portions, eat slowly and drink plenty of water to help control your appetite.

Q: Can I maintain my fitness routine during the holidays?

A: Absolutely! Plan physical activities and workouts to stay active amidst the holiday festivities.

Q: What should I do if I overindulge during a holiday meal?

A: Don’t beat yourself up. Get back on track with your next meal and try to incorporate some physical activity into your day.

Q: Are there healthy options at restaurants?

A: Yes, many restaurants offer healthy and balanced meal options. Do some research before choosing your dining spot.

FAQs About Drinking Alcohol in the Holidays

Q: How does alcohol affect my fitness?

A: Alcohol can impact your fitness in several ways. It can disrupt your sleep patterns, affect muscle recovery, and lead to weight gain.

Q: How many calories are in my favourite drink?

A:The calorie content in alcoholic drinks varies. A standard glass of wine has around 85 calories, while a pint of beer can have up to 150 calories.

Q: Can I still work out if I’ve had a drink the night before?

A: While it’s not advisable to exercise with a hangover, a light workout can help you feel better by releasing endorphins.

Q: How can I enjoy the holidays without overindulging in alcohol?

A: You can enjoy the holidays without overindulging by setting limits, choosing your drinks wisely, and maintaining an active lifestyle.

Q: What should I eat before drinking alcohol?

A: Eating a balanced meal before drinking can slow down alcohol absorption and help prevent overeating.

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